Fuwa Robot To always be Olympic Beijing Olympic Games such as Toy The market industry

    Volunteers in the Olympic oath-taking rally on science and as well , technology, several small tools appearance aroused the visitor’s interest. They have more than once in a world to do with robot soccer championship on the net game too small robot, additionally to playing, only those professional athletes will sometimes make the difficult nightclub action, playing Taijiquan also to rhythmic, on behalf including domestic robot, the very best level. Vertical elbow then back, Bai Heliang wings, motor coordination, all throughout the one, the interpretation of this Bank on a regarding tai chi, this isn’t what Tai Chi master, but a shortage attached to half a meter higher robot.

    “This is associated with newly developed levels of freedom robot, latest year’s Beijing Olympic Games, there tend to be a large regarding such robots can put on our own cloak of Fuwa as the volunteers are active across and off some court, welcome mates from home as well abroad and an athletes.” Library Research Co., Ltd. Oriental engineers Analyze on his or her sales department, wanted to say. With Beijing 2022 Winter Games Accommodations approaching, with any theme of i would say the cartoon Fuwa competitively priced communication, Fuwa-form real life dolls flooding the current market. This has led to the energy sources Chinese libraries Chenxiao Sen, head of this attention.

    Chen Xiaosen think, if able to create with Fuwa in order to create the humanoid automatic robot in next springs Olympics, and system how exciting bits of matter. Because your Beijing Olympic Games, no country rrn which organized a you are not selected when the robots, robot Fuwa can provide the first with the kind, will definitely attracted the care and attention of the scene. Chenxiao Sen’s ideas ignited the zeal of other staff, Just do it’s. From the beginning of the christmas to now, Fuwa robot structure and then technical difficulties involving efforts of the employees day and night, finally completed standard shape.

    The reporter seen the newly designed to Fuwa Yingying may be the shape of the most important robot, height cm, head of small antlers vivid, smiling, looked dear to beloved. According to be Chen Xiaosen introduction, Fuwa robot’s wires and cables are about additional , root, furthermore , equipped with “dual core” CPU, discover preset program, effectiveness of various actions, and even that this Beijing Olympic Free games projects, such as well as walking, weight lifting, etc. In addition, Fuwa robot moyen China’s traditional culture, can perform moving the sedan chair, shadow boxing, actually Avalokitesvara.

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